Holiday centre benefits from biological expertise case study


Courtesy of Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

Center Parcs Goes “Greener” With Cleveland Biotech

Woodland, water and a natural healthy environment are the essential elements of any Center Parcs venue and the company is rightly very proud of its ISO14001 status. It is continually working to improve the energy, water, and waste efficiency of its buildings and it is with regard to this last aspect, waste, that it has formed a successful relationship with Cleveland Biotech and its Greasebeta product.

Kevin Bonsor, Technical Services Maintenance Manager at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest is in no doubt that the Greasebeta units have made a valuable contribution to saving both costs and the environment. ‘We have two Greasebeta units at Sherwood Forest, one in the main kitchen and one in the Sports Café. The one in the main kitchen reduces the build up of FOG (fats, oil, and grease) in the drains and prevents blockages, whilst the one in the Sports Cafe was fitted because no grease trap was included in the original design for the building. Their installation has brought two major benefits. Firstly, we are making significant costs savings as a result of fewer breakdowns. Secondly, we no longer find ourselves in the position of having to close down the kitchens in order to unblock the drains and deep clean, every time a problem occurred. In these circumstances the disruption to the visitors and the related loss of revenue could be substantial. Add to this the fact that we are no longer discharging potentially problematical waste into the drainage system and it’s easy to see why the Greasebeta is so popular with an environmentally conscious organisation such as Center Parcs.’

Indeed Kevin was so impressed with the Greasebetas that he subsequently commissioned Cleveland Biotech to fit Biogester units to the site’s two sewage pumping stations. ‘Unfortunately we have no control over what guests put down the drains of a villa during their stay and this was causing a build up of fat in the main drainage system. In one instance this led to a pumping station overflowing into the garden of one of the villas. The Biogester units now combat this fat build up very successfully in much the same way as the Greasebetas, but on a larger scale.’

All Greasebeta and Biogester units at Sherwood Forest are fully serviced and maintained by Cleveland Biotech, further reducing the work load on Kevin and his team.

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