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Holistic support for micro-enterprise development: a case study of MITTRA

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Micro-enterprise development (MED) has been recognised as an important strategy for employment generation and poverty alleviation in developing countries. Holistic approach (providing integrated services) is identified as an important approach to help poor in establishing their own enterprise. The present study is about critically analysing and assessing the workings of this approach. The major objectives of the study are: 1) to critically understand the approach, design and process of implementation of holistic approach as a MED interventions; 2) to analyse the performance of MED interventions in terms of their outreach, financial viability and enterprise development; 3) to identify the factors influencing the performance of MED interventions. Using primarily the case study method of research, both qualitative and quantitative data were collected including carrying out a limited survey of micro-entrepreneurs with these interventions. The study has adopted a descriptive analysis method. Intra and inter case analysis has been carried out. The study concludes that this approach has been useful in helping poor people in establishing their microenterprise but failed to help them in expansion of the activity due to lack of economies. Subsidy-based model was also a major constraint in expansion of enterprise.

Keywords: holistic support, microenterprise development

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