Holmestown waste management facility, Wicklow, Ireland


Courtesy of Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS)

AFS were appointed by Wicklow County Council to design, build and install a flaring system that would last the life-cycle of their new waste management facility.

We designed a flare that could safely extract gases being generated by the new facility; the flare could operate at up to 2000m3/hr but would also operate effectively at very low flow rates.

The current configuration includes a 700m3/hr gas booster and a 500m3/hr HT flare with an attached Gas Scrubber system.

The gases expected at the initial operation of the flare system would be very low in methane and high in oxygen concentrations. However, the gases would also contain high levels of H2S and mercaptans, which are responsible for the odours emitted by decomposing waste. Therefore we installed the gas scrubber to remove these contaminates and allow the gases to be either vented or flared through the chimney.

The fully automatic control system monitors the input gases including methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and H2S.

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