Home advisors: helping the public take responsibility for their recyclables!

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The UK is in a period of rapid transition as local authorities focus their attention on the need to divert significant proportions of their household waste from landfill so that their obligations under the EU Landfill Directive are met. This cannot be achieved without the support of the residents who must accept the strategies in place and use the services offered. Over the last decade a great deal of progress has been made in making recycling ‘the norm’; England now has a municipal recycling rate of 40 percent with the top municipalities achieving 70 percent diversion through curbside recycling and composting programs. This rapid improvement in performance is a reflection of municipalities having learned from one another— the early innovators found services, campaigns and activities that worked and the adopters have now enhanced these programs and refined them to suit their local geography and demographics. The key lesson learned to date is that all successful curbside collection programs are reliant on community good will and commitment, and this can only be achieved through effective communications programs that build engagement and ownership for the schemes on offer. Just like supporting your local football or basketball team, you need to feel some form of bond with your service if you are to participate regularly and effectively!

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