Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Outdoor Swimming Pool

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The outdoor swimming pooi has three sand filters, two carbon filters and one ozonator. The ozonator broke down regularly, whenever the temperature in the operating room was too high.
The Ozonator was used because management wanted to reduce the chiorine dosage from 3ppm to lppm. Back washing frequency of the sand filters was weekly and the carbon in the carbon filters was replaced every two years.
Three HydroPath units were installed. The ozonator was switched off and the carbon filters were by-passed.


With the assistance of HydroPath, the free chiorine dosage was maintained at 1 ppm even without the ozonator and the University now extended the backwash frequency to once a month. It was noticed that the chiorine usage was reduced by 30%. Without the ozonator, there was no need to maintain air conditioning in the pump room. It was estimated that the university recovered its investment within 9 months. The poo! water was tested weekly and no bacteria were found.

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