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BDP Industries

Hoosac WQD Williamstown, MA


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An aging primary and secondary treatment facility coupled with increased loadings to the co-settling primary clarifier resulted in the need to upgrade the Hoosac WQD. An important component of the upgrade was biosolids handling.

Tighe & Bond selected the belt filter press as the bases of design for this 5.37 MGD average daily flow facility. The co-settled primary and secondary sludge is typically a 50:50 blend feeding the belt filter press.

BDP Industries’ 3DPTM belt filter press was selected for dewatering. The 3DP press dewaters in two distinct steps - 1) Gravity Thickening and - 2) Pressure Dewatering. This configuration provides maximum operator flexibility, high throughput rates, and decreased polymer usage. In addition to the press, BDP provided a complete system with control panel, polymer pump, hydraulic system, and shower water.

These benefits combine to provide the Hoosac WQD with a state-of-the-art, long term solution for solids dewatering.

Our special thanks to Jim Nathan of Tighe & Bond and Bradley Furlon of the Hoosac WQD for their support during this project.

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