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In June 2011, Hope Racing partnered with AGT to become the world’s first carbon neutral race team at Le Mans 24 Hour.

Hope Racing concluded a deal with carbon trading specialists, Advanced Global Trading (AGT), to ensure their innovative team completed the race with no adverse effect on the environment, sending ripples across all classes of professional motorsport.

Hope Racing became the first racecar team in the world to enter a LMP1 hybrid car into the elite endurance race – demonstrating the commitment of the team’s eco-responsible owners to the development of clean technologies that respect the environment.

AGT prepared a report detailing the total CO2 emissions produced using data such as fuel burn, vehicle transportation, travel and generators used onsite. The Hope Racing team then retired the required amount of carbon credits – one credit per tonne of carbon dioxide produced – needed to plough enough money back into projects designed to help the environment.

Hope Racing’s Jean-Marie Brulhart, says: “Being eco-responsible is to search for sustainable solutions, which will consider the environment for our future generations. The various classes of motorsports are vast producers of C02 and, as such, we see no other option for professional motorsport bodies to consider offsetting their carbon emissions that cannot be prevented through innovation.”

AGT partner, Charles Stephenson, explains the trading organisation’s motivation to broker the agreement: “We’re delighted this highly significant development for motorsport is finally happening and proud as a relatively young company to be part of it and associated with the truly forward thinking Hope Racing team.

“It’s always been AGT’s dream to help make these steps forward, and believe the emission-offsetting measures will one day span all CO2 producing motorsports across the world. We believe this is a significant step towards helping global motorsport, which generates a huge carbon footprint internationally, to become more environmentally friendly and we’re in discussions with all divisions, from F1 to power boating, with most being highly receptive. We hope one day every sport, stadium and circuit could be carbon neutral, ensuring the environment isn’t suffering from our enjoyment.”

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