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Horizontal Mixers for Secondary Combustibles - Case Study


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The manufacture of secondary combustibles from household waste, industrial waste and special waste in accordance with statutory requirements is to be a huge challenge for system suppliers in the coming years.

Currently, at times, extremely differing substances are treated in such a way that they can be loaded into conventional furnaces. The most important requirement is the detailed control over each treatment stage as well as expertise in the various incineration processes and their resulting requirements. AVA has committed itself to this problem formulation over the past years and therefore is in possession of comprehensive operational experience. Special designs for horizontal mixers, among other things, for mixing of high-calorific valued liquid and solid wastes, as well as the explosion-protected conveying and dosing of the pumpable suspensions to the incineration chamber all form part of AVA’s system solutions.

Once again, mixers and dryers of outstanding design have been shown to form a central role in all areas of the residual materials and waste disposal industry. They are the core of numerous treatment processes. Depending on requirements, they can work in continuous or batch operation: precisely, robustly and reliably. Individual designs, especially adapted to the problem formulation of the operator, as well as many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the products to be treated are the solid basis for the success of AVA's mixers and dryers. In addition, complete solutions from a single-source prevent problems with interfaces and ensure that process-relevant expertise is also provided for the peripherals surrounding the core processes.

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