Horizontal Remediation Wells used in order to preserve military security

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Courtesy of Directional Technologies, Inc.

Project Description: Remediate a plume of trichloroethylene (TCE) under multiple military buildings by air sparging (AS) and soil vapor extraction (SVE). There are two target zones: the shallow zone is approximately 70' below grounds surface (bgs) and 20' below this is the deep zone. The plume was located under multiple buildings comprising an area of approximately 150,000 SF.

Scope of Work: Install three AS and one SVE wells using horizontal directional drilling methods in the overburden material (sapprolite). Engineering Goal: The primary engineering goal is to achieve uniform injection of air along the screened sections of the horizontal wells, given site-specific hydrogeologic and hydraulic characteristics as well as the intended operating conditions of the compressor system. For this reason a design report was provided with specific slotting instructions for the horizontal wells. The program simulates air moving down the well, through the slots and into the formation. The results are then used to determine the amount of open area along the screen and whether slot size needs to vary along the length    of screen in order to maintain uniform flow.

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