Hospital uses Cetamine technology to achieve 20,000€ annual savings in water and energy - Case Study


Courtesy of Kurita

1. Background

A large hospital located in Italy is constantly striving to maximize operational efficiency while reducing water and energy consumption.

The water treatment boiler is crucial as the low pressure boilers are producing steam for medical uses, hot water and electrical power.

For a complete and economical solution in order to save costs in their boiler operation the customer has switched their boiler treatment to Kurita.

The customer established very clear goals to be achieved by the new boiler treatment solution:

  • Reduction of water and energy consumption
  • Maximize heat transfer efficiency
  • Environmental harmless treatment
  • Provide a level of service necessary to assure optimized system operation
  • Reduction of number of chemicals used

2. Solution

The system consists of a smoke tube boiler of 12 bars. It is fed with deionized water and when the Cogeneration is offline, demineralized water is added to deionized water.

The system has a deaerator for O2 removal from Make-up and condensate return water.

It produces 450 – 550 tons of steam per day with a condensate return of 90%.

Kurita offered the innovative technology, Cetamine, based on filming amines, representing the latest standard in boiler water treatment. The product is dosed proportionally to the Make-up water.

A close follow-up was done by our engineers from the start-up of the treatment.
Regular on-site analyses and treatment controls were carried out, e.g. conductivity and pH in the condensate return, blowdown and make up water consumption, concentration cycles.

The customer followed up the gas and water consumption and the steam production.

3. Results
The Cetamine program treatment was implemented in August 2013 and within a few days of application the following significant results were accomplished:

  • pH stability of degassed water and condensate
  • Reduction of the scaling deposits (iron and carbonate) improving the efficiency of the boiler
  • Reduction of chemicals used from 3 to 1
  • The removal of old inorganic deposit on the surface due to the dispersing action of Cetamine

During the first seven months of the Cetamine application, the customer followed up closely the gas and water consumption and the steam production.

It was noticed a significant reduction of the ratio gas consumption / steam production which lead to costs savings thanks to a better heat transfer with film forming amine treatment.

Thanks to Cetamine technology, the customer calculated that he obtained net savings of 20,000 € per year in his boiler operation compared to previous traditional treatment.

Cetamine Filming Amine technology provided an efficient, economic and reliable boiler program treatment to the customer.

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