Hospital Waste Causing Havoc with Human Health

Hospital waste has become a very important source of spreading infection in the society. It is not that it was not so earlier but the population explosion has reduced the natural barrier and made the spread of infection that much easier. Moreover the generation of waste – per-capita has grown exponentially. Hospitals of today, which were always considered a seat of healing, have become seat of infection, instead.

Apart from the above consideration, infection contracted in a hospital settting is more difficult to treat because of mutation. Mutation in a hospital environment takes place in two ways. One in vivo and another in vitro. In other words infected waste strewn allover would undergo a process of mutation, which will be in proportion to the time the waste was left unattended or untreated before disinfection. There have been doubts whether mutation in vitro is a known phenomenon. Many literatures have been consulted and it is now well established that mutation is very much possible in vitro as well.

Regeneration is a basic instict of any living species. So, when the bacterial flora has to grow against an impinging environment of antibiotic envelop- where it cannot grow in its nascent form- it acquires certain new features, or property. That is precisely what happens, and leads to mutated variants of microbials which would then dissipate as aerosol.

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