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Household factors influencing lung function in Austrian school children

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Two studies on the lung function of school children are reported. The first is a small (pilot) study investigating the (respiratory) health of 19 children aged 12?13 years. An improved lung function with increased physical activity was shown. The second study was performed in seven elementary schools (mostly in Vienna). Questionnaires were distributed to the parents of the children in the first and second form. In total 353 children (approximately 6?7 years old) participated in the lung function testing that took place in winter 2006/2007. Mould at home and exposure to second-hand smoke lead to significant reductions in some lung function parameters, while breastfeeding was associated with a better lung function.

Keywords: household factors, school children, lung function, indoor pollutants, physical activity, respiratory health, child health, Austria, mould, second-hand smoking, passive smoking, breastfeeding, environmental health, indoor environment

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