How an Industrial Trash Compactor Contribute in Recycling Process


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Trash compactors are rather popular among those who are interested in recycling. There are personal trash compactors that can be used in individual households, and there are industrial trash compactors. An industrial trash compactor is used extensively at recycling plants. They are essential for handling the large quantities of scrap metal that comes for processing on a daily basis. 

Why do firms need trash compactors?

Recycling plants have to process a lot of waste, on a daily basis. This waste needs to be taken from the landfill, to the processing plant. It then needs to be stored, before it is reused. When a trash compactor is used, the firm can reduce the amount of time and space required to transport all this waste from the landfill to the firm. It will also save the amount of space required to store this metal, thereby reducing the amount of space required to run a recycling plant. Compacting scrap metal will also help save a lot of scraps that might go to waste due to spillage or wind damage.

What does the trash compactor do?

Trash compactors take a lot of scrap and waste metal and scale it down to a manageable size. All tin, copper, brass, iron and steel will be compressed into a smaller space, with very little loose space in the middle. These blocks can then be stored and transported at ease. 

How many types of compactors exist?

There are few varieties of compactors. There are scrap metal crushers and car crushers. These are the two most popular types of compactors. There are some compactors that come with pre-crushing abilities which makes it easier for the recycling firms to handle light materials. These compactors come in a number of sizes as well. 

Most firms choose large, industrial size compactors, so that they can compact a large amount of scrap at the same time. For smaller firms, or for recycling companies that want to use smaller blocks, the medium- or small-sized compactors can be used. 

The most popular compactors are pre-crusher compactors, self-contained compactors or stationary compactors. 

Pre-crusher compactors: These are useful for breaking down large, bulky trash into smaller bits before composing them. This is good for construction materials, shipping crates and barrels. 

Self contained compactors: Such compactors act as containers. These compactors will contain the scrap metal, compact them and store them right there. These compactors are usually used by grocery stores, food chains, hotels, malls and food courts. 

Stationary compactors: These are, just as their name suggests, compactors that cannot be moved around. They are usually mounted on concrete. These compactors are most common among office buildings, restaurants and department stores. 

Industrial compactors are extremely popular because of the significant role they play in the recycling process. They make raw materials easier to handle, and reduce the overall expenses for the firm, as well. Industrial trash compactor comes in multiple sizes as well, so that the recycling firm does not have to spend more than it needs to.

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