How can Safety Management Software help you Achieve Regulatory Compliance?

Achieving compliance with environmental health and safety regulations is one of the key responsibilities of individuals in Environmental Health and Safety positions. This article examines the way in which safety management software allows organizations to achieve and/or exceed regulatory compliance.

Regulatory compliance (especially on-site audits by regulatory authorities) often focuses on documentation. Regulatory authorities like to say if there is no documentation for a certain task, then to us, it is like that task is not conducted. Managing paper files and documentation of inspections, audits, incident investigation, and reporting can be time consuming and error prone. Safety management software can automate the documentation process, ensuring that key information is readily available and accessible to key individuals (as well as government auditors as needed). Safety management software can also provide strong audit trails letting individuals know when and by whom records are updated and edited.

Regulatory authorities (like OSHA in the United States) also require that organizations track, report, post and (also submit) key safety information. Safety management software can automatically produce required regulatory reports (like the OSHA 300, 300A and 301 logs) simplifying the level of effort needed to produce accurate and up to date regulatory reports. Safety management software can also assist in the retention of regulatory reports as software can hold and manage several years of data easily.

Regulatory authorities and global standards also focus on the safety process and procedures used throughout the organization. Safety management software can be utilized to ensure and enforce compliance with those processes and procedures. For example OHSAS 18001 recommends continual review of risk and of risk mitigating procedures, and corrective actions to ensure procedures are followed and risks are mitigated. Safety management software can allow organizations to develop corrective action plans and monitor the progress of those plans including e-mail notifications alerting individuals to complete and/or over due corrective actions.

In conclusion, safety management software can become an essential tool in achieving and exceeding regulatory compliance throughout the organization.

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