How Can Some Everyday Habits Help You Save Environment?


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In order to live a healthy life we need healthy and pollution free environment. It is completely our responsibility to protect environment and enjoy a smooth life. Find out some everyday habits that can help you protect environment without compromising with your lifestyle.

Environment, which is made of different gases, materials, animals and human beings, is very essential for a smooth life. Minor imbalance in environment can cause serious problems not only for the people living now, but also for coming generations. Whatever change or damage has been caused is by people living on earth. So, it is us who can protect this environment to lead a healthy life.

It is well said, 'charity begins at home.' Today you will start working towards protection of your environment, tomorrow your neighbors will and in some time everyone around you will start working to protect environment. Do you remember the chain in movie 'Jai Ho.' Do something good and encourage three more people to spread the same message?

As it comes to protecting environment, people get worried with their convenient life and amenities they are using. Here you don't need to worry, as the tips mentioned here can help you protect environment while practicing your everyday habits.

1. Go paperless: You might not have control on leaflets coming in newspapers and other flyers, but you can at least control paper usage by requesting for online bank statements, updates and other notices like phone bills etc.

2. Control use of bottled water: Agree it might be difficult while travelling, but for everyday use you can opt for reusable water bottles.

3. Put a check on plastic bags: Plastic bags are like enemies for environment. These have no recyclable use and no effective disposal technique. Instead of these, you can opt for paper bags or homemade cloth bags.

4. Use less electricity: Sure you can't stop using fan or refrigerator in summers, but you can limit their usage. Prefer fan or cooler over air conditioner. If you have to get new home constructed, buy green building material with high thermal insulation power. These materials can control temperature both in winters and summers and help you reduce usage of heaters and a/c.

5. Control use of conventional fuel: Traditional fuel sources like coal and lignite are the worst enemies of environment. You can replace these with biomass briquettes. It is very easy and cost-effective to set up a briquetting plant. Various manufacturers provide briquetting machines of different sizes. You can either set up a plant or can buy briquettes from the market.

6. Buy goods made from recycled products: Levi's jeans are one of the best examples of goods made from waste material. The company offers jeans made from used bottles. There are various other such products you can find in market.

Hope you will start practicing some of the techniques to protect environment. You can start with one habit and can move on to other techniques.

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