How can you move people to action? With an Awareness Program!


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To get them involved, you need a consistent  and visible message that focuses on how your people can specifically help save energy. Without a visual reminder marketing campaign, there is not much of a chance of them taking action.

To ensure that the audience (employees, team, community) understands:

  • What the organization wants to accomplish
  • What they can do to make a difference


  • Employees WANT to do what is right for the company (But need clarity on the goal and their role in reaching it)
  • Verbal announcements just don’t work. (Employees are “told” about an issue, but it isn’t “heard”)
  • A written and displayed plan is most effective in achieving compliance
  • Changing behaviors/habits requires diligence and continuity
  • Management must support the program for effective implementation


  • Goal that is measurable
  • Specifically identified desired behavioral change/modification
  • Commitment from leadership
  • Visual awareness tools to remind & reinforce the desired behavior
  • Recognition of successes
  • Continuity


The implementation of an awareness program acknowledges that a condition exists that could be changed (by either moving towards a benefit or from a problem) by a behavioral modification.
Awareness programs seek to change behaviors; either by providing a formal process for dealing with an issue, and/or by encouraging a specific type of behavior.  
We begin with two considerations:

  1. Most people have pride in their organization and want to do what is      right for it.  However, the goals are not always clear to them, nor are their      roles in helping to reach those goals. In short; people need to be made aware of the issue.
  2. We must acknowledge human behavior. Telling people what needs to occur is one thing. Getting them to embrace that change is another.  

Just like marketing to customers, “marketing” to your personnel requires an organized campaign designed to motivate them towards the desired change in their behavior.  The more internal marketing directed toward energy awareness, the more significance people will give it.  An effective awareness marketing campaign involves multiple forms of media, combined with consistency, to deliver and reinforce messages that not only point out the desired behaviors, but help to create a culture of change.  Change can be difficult.  However, as your more proactive personnel arec alled upon to change their behavior, adoption can occur.  This behavior change/adoption by the proactive constituents creates both a vocal and silent cultural peer pressurethat motivates the more passive members to adapt as the desired change becomes the norm.

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