How can you reduce the risk of unscheduled suspension of production - Case Study


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Unpredicted faults of industrial equipment lead to long down time and great financial losses. The amount of these expenses depends on a particular case and the seriousness of a malfunction, and therefore the problem of reducing risks is a number one issue at many enterprises. The simplest methods to avoid unscheduled suspensions of production is to adhere to technical regulations and use such old-fashioned methods as listening-in, visual examination, and temperature measurement. The biggest drawbacks of these methods include subjectivity of examination results and too advanced a stage of defect revelation. Some more detailed information on the equipment could be obtained from the vibration signal.


Vibration of industrial equipment is an inseparable part of its work, and if one knows how to analyze it, it is possible to determine the malfunctions beforehand and prevent production from suspension, or, what is even more important, from accidents.


This is why great sums of budget money and private funds go to the development of diagnostics method that would allow for early determination of malfunctions without suspension of the technological process.


Let us consider the most known approaches to prevention of accidents at production facilities:


1. Work with conformance to technical regulations

The easiest way to prevent production accidents is to conform to technical regulations. National and international technical documents (ISO 2372, ISO 10860, ISO 7919) specify clearly the acceptable vibration norms for different classes of mechanisms. However, such approach is not sufficient for reliable operation of industrial equipment, as it does not provide understanding of the reasons of increased vibration, but just states its existence.


2. Diagnostics of industrial equipment

A more effective way to control the condition of equipment is vibration diagnostics. It offers a possibility to evaluate the state of each system component, and thus make the repairs maximally cheaper by replacing only specific element and not all components, as well as to decrease the risks of unscheduled suspension of production.


Reasonable approach to operation of industrial equipment includes its diagnostics and and evaluation of the real condition of the nodes. By using vibration diagnostics you can predict and schedule maintenance works with minimum losses and restart production within minimum time.

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