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How CREMe is Helping Fight Childhood Obesity

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How CREMe is Helping Fight Childhood Obesity

The Current State Of Affairs

Childhood obesity has widely spread in industrialized countries. In the USA, over 15% of children are currently considered obese and the number is likely to grow in the future. In Ireland alone, about 300,000 children are overweight or obese. Obesity indirectly leads to about 2,000 deaths a year and also to indirect costs of about 4 bn EUR a year.

Obesity can be caused by hereditary factors, meaning that children are often predisposed to be obese, if their parents are obese, too. Whether this is just due to eating habits which are copied by children or due to genetic changes is still subject to research.

In addition to this, children are less likely to engage in physical outdoors activities due to recent advances in technology. Computers, television and electronic games keep them at home instead of encouraging them to play outside. The use of mobile phones from an early age inclines them to contact their friends with their phones instead of walking to their friends' houses to see them. Thus their physical inactivity keeps them from burning fat, which then accumulates in the body.

Furthermore the parental tradition of home-cooking is disappearing due to lack of time. In that way many children are exposed to too much fast food, which again leads to weight gain.

CREMe Can Help Target The Problem Of Obesity

The current state of affairs is hazardous, because it endangers our children's lives. Obesity can not only lead to psychosocial problems, but also to serious illnesses, such as diabetes, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, angina or heart diseases.

CREMe can help fight child obesity by helping researchers analyse food consumption data in order to allow them to target resources in the areas that will have the greatest impact on children's health.

The 'sort by demographics' option in CREMe allows researchers to sort the data they collect by area, age group or eating habits. We also have data on BMIs, which allows researchers to compare BMI data of whole populations or to look at the obese parts of the population only.

The software also permits researchers to analyse the data they have for chemical toxins in food and thus test to see if obese children are further compounding their health problems by being exposed to more chemical toxins than the regular population.

CREMe has access to a brand new children's food consumption database which will facilitate researchers' work.

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