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How do local construction machinery spare parts enter the high-end market


At present, the construction machinery spare parts products either from the process, quality level, technical level is uneven. More than in the low-end product technology, to enter the high-end core technology level echelon undoubtedly are a huge challenge for the majority of Chinese SMEs. Eager to break out, and find it difficult to find the exit, many domestic enterprises caught in a dilemma.

Another important addition to the constraints of the key technologies, the Chinese construction machinery spare parts with foreign products gap in its reliability. Small batch of 10, 8 reliable, more than one number is not reliable. The reliability of the product with the management, technology and equipment, process routes have a relationship. Overall, the current impact of China fittings reliability factors are mainly raw materials, especially steel quality. The general scale of the domestic fork lifts enterprises are not large, special purchase requirements to the steel mills, and ignore others. Technology and equipment with the foreign gap, flexible production lines abroad, each program has a strict control. The heat treatment is also problematic. The so produced fittings reliability bad, which led to a host can not improve the quality of. Reliability problems are not resolved, the domestic component parts to sell cheap, users will not buy it.

Local construction machinery spare parts to enter the high-end first to get rid of the lack of stability of product quality defects, to excellence speak of capture the core technology. Seamless docking with the international first-class enterprise, blind area nets apparently little 'thankless'. The development and growth of the manufacturing industry of any country after a difficult process, itself off change, create business, the only down-to-earth!

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