How Do Microbes Work?


Courtesy of Keeton Industries, Inc.

Beneficial bacteria are a natural solution for improving water quality in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and canals.

Beneficial microorganisms that are naturally present in the aquatic environment are typically at low levels, so they work much slower at reducing nutrients to maintain water quality. Aquatron and Waste and Sludge Reducer contains two billion bacteria per gram. At this elevated concentration, metabolic activity is increased, reducing surplus nutrients in the aquatic environment.

Keeton products have been successfully used for well over 20 years in mitigation of eutrophic and hyper-eutrophic water bodies, wastewater facilities, and aqua-cultural systems by reduction of excess nutrients. Uptake of nutrients from water bodies by these microbes are rapid and can be measured easily by spectrometry before and after treatment to monitor the reduction of phosphorus, ammonia and nitrite compounds.

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