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How do Peltier elements work?


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Peltier heating and cooling systems offer precise control as well as a big energy saving when compared to traditional compressor methods.

Memmert utilise the technology in their cooled incubators (IPP) and their constant climate chambers (HPP) to offer precise and economical results.

Heating and Cooling

The technology offers both heating and cooling – if a voltage is placed across a Peltier element one side is cooled and the opposite side simultaneously heats up. By reversing the polarity of the supply voltage the hot and cold sides swap.

Energy Efficiency

Peltier technology works well at temperatures close to ambient or room temperature, as energy is only needed if heating or cooling is needed.

This gives large energy savings when compared to traditional compressor systems, as shown in the graph below.

Peltier elements is just one of the technologies Memmert use to ensure their range of ovens, incubators and climate control chambers deliver precise results in an energy efficient unit.

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