How Does Global Warming Affect World Hunger?

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You may have heard the argument from disillusion people that either there is nothing that can be done about global warming, or that it simply doesn’t exist. Global warming is a fact, and it is also a fact that we as humans are the cause. Not a partial or major cause, but the end all be all of reasons the earth’s temperatures are rising. You may have heard from someone that global warming can’t be real, after all, they just went through an unseasonably cold winter and didn’t see how the heat was rising could be true.

A basic understanding of shifting temperate zones should clue them in, as regions of traditional cold in the extreme northern and southern climates are seeing an increase in CO2 levels, bringing atmospheric temperatures to all time highs. This causes ice to melt, and this warming also pushed cold air out of the way in a displacement causing other regions to experience colder temperatures for at least a short while. Make no mistake about it – the heat is coming.

How Global Warming Effects World Hunger

Over generations, food crops have been acclimated and adjusted to the traditional climate requirements for growth. A banana tree for example needs the right balance of warmth and moisture in order to produce fruit. Grains need a mix of rain and sun particular to their growing requirements in order to produce as well. These requirements have occurred over generations of genetic mutation, and global warming trends are making it impossible for plant species to adjust. Temperature and weather patterns shifting from season to season have made growing crops more difficult so it’s no simply a matter of waiting it out.

With a decrease in production of food crops, the world supply is decreasing. Yields are lower depleting reserves. Small farmers who once relied on sustainable agriculture are finding temperature and climate shifts make it impossible to grow traditional crops. Short term solutions are being made to replace such produce, but the increasingly shifting weather patterns will soon make even these backup solutions null and void. No solutions exist other than raising mass produced product in controlled environments, but in a different focus. Higher yield food products are being explored, where growing volume is decreased while offering the same level of nutritional value. 

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