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How does The papermaking win the market?


The website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 6th 2012 industries and eliminate backward production capacity enterprise list (second batch) ', involving 15 areas of 182 companies, including 51 of the paper-making enterprises. Require the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to take effective measures to strive in the end of September 2012, all included in the announcement list enterprises shut down backward production capacity, to ensure that eliminated completely removed before the end of 2012, not to other regions and neighboring countries transfer. Future, papermaking enterprises who go further environmental who won the likelihood of market.

Paper industry consolidation to accelerate

The report shows that in recent years, China's paper industry concentration continuously improve 9 megaton Paper Company emerged but only 2.3 million tons, but the average size of the industry. According to statistics, in 2011 more than 2600 paper-making enterprises, the annual production capacity of 100,000 tons or more only more than 100. Global paper 100 companies ranked in 2008, over one million tons of 87, one of the world's largest paper-making enterprises pulp and oven paper production reached 18 million tons, the 2011 largest paper company production, but 7.6 million tons.

With the rapid development of China's paper industry, the supply of raw fiber, has become an important bottleneck affecting the development of the industry. In the coming period, the paper shortage of raw materials may become one of the most serious problems. Plus domestic enterprises have not yet established an effective sales and distribution system, and the lack of ability to continue to stabilize the market, it is difficult to guarantee profits and avoid risks.

In addition, restricting the development of the industry is also affected by the regional concentration is too high causing shortage of resources; unreasonable productstructure is difficult to meet the needs of the market; improve the paper making machinery backward troubled product level; hinder sustainable development factors causing serious pollution.

Excess capacity also makes the paper industry mergers and acquisitions Anchaoyongdong. Huatai shares, Chenming Paper companies have set foot in the reorganization, the establishment of the China Metallurgical Group is also considered to be a typical case of state-owned enterprises of the state-owned enterprises mergers, in addition to many state-owned enterprises in the brewing combine private enterprise are discussing.

Due to the capital-intensive paper industry as well as the characteristics of the economies of scale, with the depth of industry consolidation, economies of scale and bargaining power capacity layout as well as the expansion of enterprise has been completed, will become the backbone of the industry consolidation.

Science and technology and environmental protection to help Evergreen Enterprises

Analysts pointed out that every one yuan output value of China's paper industry investment in fixed assets of 3.27 yuan, equivalent to 3.48 times the food industry, 2.6 times that of the textile industry, petroleum, chemical industry input levels roughly. Therefore, the effect of the size of the paper industry is very significant, and the competitiveness of enterprises are mainly reflected in the sophistication of the equipment and the technology content of products.

Paper-making enterprises of the advanced countries of the world pulp and paper equipment has been large-scale, mechatronics, automation, high efficiency direction, information, networking, automation control technology is widely used in papermaking, and fully integrated IT management. Some advanced countries papermaking enterprises also rely on scientific and technological innovation, adjust the technical structure, improve resource distribution, and extensive use of information, networking, automation control technology to improve the degree of integration of the technology. Especially pulp and paper equipment, has large-scale, automated, integrated development of high efficiency.

Currently, more than 1,000 kinds of paper products in the international, of just over 600 kinds. The world paper products demand has been to achieve the type of transformation from quantity to quality, paper products to the multi-direction by a single function. Low-grade printing paper, writing paper, packaging paper and release paper market is gradually shrinking demand mainstream, high-quality offset newsprint, color printing paper, fine paper, high-grade production of paper, kraft paper and kraft linerboard, coated paper.

Integrated pulp and paper industry has been stressed in the process of promoting a low-carbon economy and take full advantage of the market, land, pulp, paper, combine to form a virtuous circle of paper to support forest, forest and promote the paper industry chain operations to achieve the economic production, energy conservation. In addition, the integrated pulp and paper help to solve the problem of raw materials, the country has more than a dozen large and medium-sized papermaking enterprises as the main raw material of wood gradually established their own raw material base, and tree planting as a first workshop of the papermaking enterprises . At present, the relevant state ministries attaches great importance to the relevant policy has been gradually introduced, to play a catalytic role in promoting the implementation of forestry-paper integration ', of course, truly large-scale implementation and effect of the apparent need considerable time.

In its current form, all aspects of production from the start, such as in food wrapping paper, the use of large-scale high-speed paper machines and advanced papermaking chemicals will greatly reduce the the paper water consumption and pollutant emissions; pulping technology, the use of advanced CTMP pulp pulp and wastewater closed loop system can basically achieve zero emissions of the pulp and wastewater; waste disposal, mature closed loop wastewater treatment technology and high-tech pollution control equipment and environmental technology to pollution control, energy saving and improve the role of the comprehensive utilization of resources. And so the gradual implementation of cleaner production in-house may be more practical.

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