How Downdraft Tables Change Your Work Environment


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Working with metal and wood results in the release of harmful dust particles into the atmosphere, which is dangerous to the workers’ health. Continuous exposure to these particles means your employees will be breathing in the dust, which can lead to both short and long term health problems. In order to maintain the health and safety of your employees in the workplace, downdraft tables must be in place. They are made to solve the problem and controldust by cleaning the air, and give you a healthier and safer work environment.

What They Do

Downdraft tables give workstations a built-in ventilation system that is intended to catch and filter fumes, smoke, and dust. The air that gets filtered is driven back into the environment, which eliminates energy loss and any need for costly in-house exhaust systems.

Downdraft tables are highly efficient in controlling dust from buffing and sanding, which is caused in woodworking places. Metal workers can also benefit from a downdraft table, as their work can result in the production of large amounts of highly toxic dust. These systems are also a must for workstations dealing with composites, welding and plastics.


A downdraft table is made from high quality materials, which helps it to resist a multitude of tasks. You will find they come in numerous types, which includes portable cartridge, cartridge, wet, stationary tables, and walk-around ventilated. The one you choose highly depends on the materials that you work with.


Because of the huge variety in types and sizes, you will always find the ideal ventilation that is suitable for your workplace. This ventilation system can increase both yours and employees’ health, as it will limit the exposure to the harmful dust particles and offer you cleaner and purer air to breathe in.


A downdraft table is a multipurpose way to protect employees and easily meets the safety standards set forth by industries. You will be provided with a reliable and safe workstation, which you employees can safely work in.

Speaking to someone who specializes in industrial air collection will always help with selecting the setup that will work best for your industry.

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