How HEPA Filter Make Steam Cleaners Best?

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A HEPA filter, by definition, is an air filter that removes particles larger than 0.3 micrometers from air. This filter eliminates 99.9 percent of minute particles from the air and helps keep the indoors clean. The best steam cleaner for commercial use often has a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter removes dust, allergens, and other harmful particles, and keeps indoor areas clean and healthy.

The best steam cleaners for commercial applications are one that is handy for many types of cleaning tasks. For example, the contractor could be cleaning a hospital one day, a hotel the next day, and a gym the day after. Therefore, he or she requires a durable, high-quality commercial steam cleaner, which can be used for multiple tasks.

In addition to removing particulates from indoor air, the best steam cleaner for commercial use will enable operators to remove dirt easily and quickly. When looking for the best steam cleaner on the market, here are some points that should be kept in mind.

The best steam cleaner is one that is durable and requires almost no maintenance. Look for a commercial steam cleaner with tough, corrosion resistant housing and parts. This would include stainless steel or durable plastic housing, stainless steel boiler, and stainless steel brushes and accessories.

Durable boilers are heat tolerant and less prone to wear and tear. Boilers that are self cleaning are corrosion resistant, due to the lack of sedimentation and scales. They also require less maintenance.

Continuous operation
When you are cleaning commercial areas, you cannot afford frequent breaks. Traditional steam cleaning machines were very inefficient, due to unstable boiler pressure and frequent need to refill the boiler. Many latest steam cleaning equipment are able to maintain steady boiler temperature and pressure. One way to achieve this is to refill the boiler while the machine is still in use, eliminating the need to stop the machine, depressurize the boiler, and refill it.

Continuous-refill works by adding water to a water chamber, which feeds the boiler when the boiler's water level drops to a certain level. When the water chamber is empty, the user adds water and the system restarts automatically. Since the boiler still contains a good level of super-heated water, the merging of cooler water from the water chamber will not drop the boiler's water temperature. Large boilers also contribute toward longer operating periods.

Wet and dry vacuum features are available in many commercial vapor steam cleaners. Steam vacuum cleaners not only dissolve grease and dirt, they are also able to vacuum extract dirt and moisture. This makes the cleaning process faster and easier.

Steam vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filter remove pollen, pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens from the air. You can use this type of vapor steam cleaners to dry vacuum the surface before steam cleaning it. It removes the need to purchase a regular dry vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning floors
Floor steamers are used for mopping floors, removing dirt and allergens from tiles, vinyl and wood floors, and stone. For best results, such steamers should have HEPA filters, which are able to remove minute particles that ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot eliminate. Tile floor steamers should be arrayed with different kinds of detail tools, including brushes of different sizes and shapes.

Contractors would be spending a lot of time cleaning floors and other surfaces in commercial areas. Therefore, they should choose floor steamers with adequate accessories, advanced features, and guaranteed durability.


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