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How important is green education in promoting green jobs?

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How important is green education in promoting green jobs? I doubt there is anything more important than education for those who have a curiosity of how the green economy can transform our current dilemma.

Is it possible that what others are doing in other countries could work here in the United States? According to the European Energy Commission website , Energy is what drives the engine for Europe. Maybe we need to understand this for our country. Their European Union (EU) addresses the major energy challenges head on, without constant doubt and questions. The EU is establishing an ambitious energy policy – covering the full range of energy sources from combating the negative effects of gas and coal, to exploring the positives of nuclear energy including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro-electric and wave energy. As many have said this will spark a new industrial revolution that can and will help us here in the United States to energize our economy. Are you wondering how this will occur?

According to Work Force One and the Department of Labor, there are 166 occupations that will be developed offering job opportunities for an income for families. These will include jobs in energy consulting and research. Manufacturers in renewable energy sectors will need to supply scientific and technical services. Waste management and remediation services will need staff. Have we even begun to think of the jobs that will be created for processing recyclable materials? Transportation industries will offer opportunities in increasing efficiency and/or reducing environmental impact of various modes of transportation. Farming technologies for biomass production and end user processing. Carbon capture technology and selling and buying energy will all be in demand. Interested yet? Where do you go to get this training? If you are interested, these curriculums need to be developed. Oh, did we mention educational opportunities for researchers and teachers.

Green Course Development will be huge in the years to come. Our company, Green Real Estate Education is focused in the real estate sector, for now but we may expand to meet the demand. If you have an entrepreneur mindset, get in this game. You will not only contribute to the next generations’ survival, you’ll make millions.

Green Real Estate Education is scheduled to educate more than 20,000 professionals in going green by 2011. For more information:

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