How Important Mobility in Car Wash Equipment?


If you own a mobile car wash business, it is required that your car wash equipment is designed specifically for easy transportation. Bulky machines are suitable for fixed location car washes, but when you need to spend the entire day traveling across the city to different clients, you need car wash equipment that is mobile and corrosion/chip resistant, to keep the system looking like new even in rough conditions. The most important factor is trailer fitting. After all, even mobile car pressure washers are heavy machines that require movement via a truck/trailer. If the machine cannot be fitted on a trailer, or it takes up too much space inside the trailer, you will find it difficult to transport.

Car wash equipment of this variety should be hardy enough to withstand the bumps of travel; powder-coated steel housed machines are chip resistant and do not crack or dent easily. These machines are also corrosion resistant. This is an important feature, particularly because car wash equipment often operates in close contact with chemicals, detergents, moisture, and other corrosive matter.

Another feature that decides mobility is power source. Most car washes prefer auto detailing machines that run on electricity, as electricity is a clean, easily available and inexpensive source of power. Electric machines require less maintenance; the only limit for operating these machines is ensuring the supply of electricity. In the case of a mobile detailing business, electric powered systems ensure that you do not pollute the environment surrounding your clients' homes and workplaces with exhaust. However, these machines must be used in proximity to an electrical source, often times a house or office building.

Other Features
While mobility is important, no car wash equipment is complete without the power required to wash cars hour after hour without a break. It is important to know the advantages and usage limitations on the machine.

Auto detailing pressure washers require high temperatures to remove grease, congealed dirt, plant sap, organic matter from the car surface and engine. Many steam car wash machines attain temperatures as high as 250°F. Such high temperatures are necessary for quality cleaning, because heat dissolves grease and carbon compounds more easily than anything else, and it is far more eco-friendly and safe when compared to chemical solvents.

Another feature of a good steam car wash machine is pressure level. While it may be tempting to buy industrial grade machines with pressure levels as high as 3000 psi, vehicle surfaces are not strong enough to withstand such high levels of pressure. To stay within safe pressure limits, invest in a machine that has pressure levels between 700 psi and 1500 psi, which still provides adequate cleaning power without risking damaging to vehicle surfaces.

Mobile auto detailing needs to deal with another peculiar problem: restriction on water use. This can be attributed to the risk of low water availability or limited drainage provisions. In addition, letting excessive runoff go into storm drains can lead to heavy EPA fines, which again highlights the need for machines that do not use too much water. There are pressure washers specially designed for mobile car wash businesses, these machines have flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM, ideal for car washing without complications like massive water consumption.

To find the best car pressure washers and steam car washing equipment, turn to reputable suppliers offering high quality composition among a variety of models.


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