How international collaboration strengthens our position as the global waste incineration and cremation specialists


Courtesy of Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Last week we had the great pleasure of welcoming a delegation from our American sister company who visited us at our UK headquarters.  Flying over from the sunshine of Orlando into the rain and cold of a late November Manchester must have been somewhat of a culture shock, but for UK first time visitors: Wade Dellarco (Production), Marcelo Baptista (Sales), Jeremy Burns and Oliver Ehrensperger (Engineering) it proved to be an enjoyable and most valuable trans-Atlantic experience.

As an important member of a worldwide group of companies our ‘One Matthews International’ strategy focuses on strengthening by teamwork and collaboration our industry-leading position in the global waste incineration, human cremation and pet cremation markets.  Through this inter-nation resource sharing, combined financial strength and by simply recognising and harnessing the unique value that each individual’s background, experience and talent can bring to the team, our combined contribution can achieve remarkable results.

Over the course of the week we delivered a comprehensive and structured programme of waste incineration system sales strategy and design.  While in return, our visitors provided valuable knowledge of the opportunities available to us across the length and breadth of North and South America.  Together, as a team, we are now far better placed and are poised to boost incinerator sales across the whole of the Americas.

The visit was also very well timed, because it also gave our American colleagues the opportunity to witness in person the rapid progress being made on the Surefire SF150 incinerator currently in build and soon to be making its way to one of their valued customers in Guyana.

Of course, as this has been the team’s first visit to the UK we had to break up the gruelling work programme with a spot of leisure time to show them the delights of The Rainy City. Working our way across Manchester from The Printworks to Oxford Road with a few stops along the way, including Sinclair’s Oyster Bar and Brewdog Manchester (Our MD’s own favourite haunt!) gave us all the opportunity to become more acquainted and to show off the city at its best.

After the break it was back to work and we were able to discuss differences in production techniques between the high-volume cremator production line that is a feature of the USA Apopka factory, compared to the fast-paced bespoke build environment that we have here in the UK. Although we each work in very different ways in order to effect efficient manufacture of our core products we were able to analyse and compare the differing techniques, which in turn enabled all of us to learn from each other.

There were yet more visitors when our Italian colleagues Fabrizio Giust and Gianpiero Degano flew in to discuss matters closer to home.  Of course, our ‘One Matthews International’ strategy remained the primary focus as we discussed a host of European waste incineration and cremation opportunities as well as comparing notes on some potentially very interesting R&D projects that we plan to work on in the not too distant future.

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