How Low Water Flow Technology Makes a Better Rug Steam Cleaner?

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Whether it’s an industrial complex or a commercial building, these areas need the right kind of rug steam cleaner to keep carpets clean. The carpeting in these areas is not only exposed to some of the toughest kinds of dirt and debris, they also have to deal with steady stream of traffic. Conventional carpet cleaning methods may get carpets clean, but they also leave them very damp after cleaning. In many cases, it simply isn’t possible to cordon these areas off for long periods of time, just to allow the carpets to dry. The best way to deal with this situation is to choose carpet cleaning units that are not just designed for effective cleaning, but also to help the carpet dry out quickly. 

Tackling Dirt from a New Angle
If you look at a conventional rug steam cleaner, you will notice that they use a considerable amount of water during the cleaning process. This is understandable, especially when dealing with ground-in stains and sticky deposits. Unfortunately, the more water the carpet cleaners use, the damper the carpet will be after cleaning. This can be a huge inconvenience as damp carpeting can take a very long time to dry out completely. In humid climates, it can take even longer. Apart from that, damp carpets provide the perfect conditions for mold and bacteria to take root. Carpets that haven’t had a chance to dry out completely often emit a foul odor. This often happens in areas where the carpets are not exposed to any kind of aeration. 

In these instances, it’s clear that the problem lies in the excessive water used during cleaning. The good news is that a rug steam cleaner doesn’t have to use copious amounts of water for cleaning. In fact, some of the most effective carpet cleaning units rely more on suction and extraction powers to get carpets clean. Even ground-in stains and hardened deposits that have settled deeply into the carpet fibers can be removed using the right kind of extraction powers. 

Less Water, More Clean
A rug steam cleaner that uses low water flow technology provides multiple benefits for commercial and industrial cleaning tasks. As these units use less water, the carpets are not left soaking wet after cleaning. This means that the carpets can dry out much faster, sometimes in just a matter of a few hours. There is less chance of mold and bacteria settling in the damp carpeting. Even in humid climates, these carpet cleaning machines can help assure that the carpets have a chance to dry out completely. Carpet cleaners that use low water flow technology is also an eco-friendly option. These rely mainly on suction and extraction powers to get carpets clean. They do not need to use chemical-based detergents or cleaning agents. 

Selecting a rug steam cleaner or carpet shampooer that uses less water can mean a faster and more efficient carpet cleaning process. A portable carpet cleaning system provides extra user convenience, and is particularly useful when cleaning large areas. No matter how big or how small the area is, a portable carpet cleaner that uses low water flow technology offers multiple cleaning benefits. 


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