How sensitive is your treating plant to operating conditions?



Normal expectations in operating amine treating plants for acid gas removal is that small changes in operating conditions will result in correspondingly small responses in plant performance. However, such expectations are not always well founded. To establish credibility for the process simulator used in the design of a new LNG plant (ProTreat ), we begin by comparing its mass transfer rate-based simulation results with performance data from an LNG plant operated by Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago (Atlantic LNG).

Attention is then turned to another LNG project currently under study. For this system under consideration, our focus is on the C02 removal system which consists of a single, large absorber serviced by two regenerators in parallel. Initially the plant would process about 1,400 MMscfd of gas containing about 16 mol% C02. A sensitivity analysis leads to some interesting observations regarding potential susceptibility of treating performance to departures of certain operating conditions from design values, and provides reasons for this sensitivity.

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