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How the largest oil companies in Romania protect the environment using vapor recovery systems


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Romania's alignment to the European Directive 94/63/EC relating to control of the volatile organic compounds emissions resulting from gasoline storage and distribution, has been a challenge and an opportunity for the Romanian industrial automation and process control companies to expand their activities within the downstream branches of the main players on the petroleum products market.

At Petrom’s warehouses, Romania’s largest oil company, from each loaded truck the gasoline vapors can be fully recovered, following the implementation of vapor recovery systems by the Romanian company Syscom 18, one of the national leaders in industrial automation. In the same time, use of truck bottom loading increases the safety standards and environmental protection in the loading zone.

Syscom 18 has in its portfolio 16 vapor recovery systems, being the most experienced company in Romania and one of the most important in Eastern Europe.

Over the years, for the vapor recovery systems at oil companies’ tank farms, Syscom 18 served as general contractor and systems integrator, providing the basic engineering, contracting with third parties for the design works, contracting and delivering the necessary equipment, performing the implementation of the application software and the execution of special high tech works.

The years 2004/2005 were the stage of analysis and adopting the most appropriate vapor processing and recovery technology, completed with the implementation of a comprehensive, balanced system for vapors coming from fixed roof gasoline storage tanks and loading operations in trucks and wagons loading bays in a Romanian refinery, RAFO SA.

The “heart” of this installation was a vapor processing skid connected to a vapor holder - specialized tank to integrate the peaks of the vapor stream and to intermediately storage the vapors, before being processed. We have chosen a membrane based VRU, manufactured by Borsig MT in Germany. In fact it was the first application of its kind in Romania, verified and approved by the competent environmental authorities.

The achievement, based on a turn-key contract, was a success, the proof being that the largest operator on the petroleum products market – Petrom, member of OMV Group, used our services for the implementation of other 5 systems in its tank farms, systems also based on Borsig VRUs. The projects were started in 2006 and completed on time in 2007. Because some clients have requested also the installation of recovery units based on adsorption of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in active carbon, this technology was also examined, starting cooperation with Jordan Technologies. The decision was timely, because in the coming years 2008/2009 Syscom 18 has been implemented another 10 such plants, of which 7 are working with active carbon and the rest with membrane separation. Most of these projects, as well as the first, were turn key projects, Syscom 18 providing the engineering, installation and commissioning.

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