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How to Avoid Baler Downtime


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Many facilities cannot afford to have downtime with their baler or compactor, especially when their operations are supposed to be running 24/7. When your equipment is down, it can cost you money and efficiencies and create unnecessary safety hazards in the workplace. The best way to avoid baler downtime is to have a solid preventative maintenance plan in place. A maintenance plan will help you to get the most years of service as possible out of your baler and avoid unexpected problems.

How to Avoid Baler Downtime

Preventative Maintenance Plan for your Baler

Regularly scheduled maintenance is critical for the long productive service life expected from your baler or compactor. Failure to properly maintain your recycling equipment can lead to added repair costs, extended downtime, and safety concerns. A regularly scheduled program should include weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance. Click here to read what is included in a Harmony Preventive Maintenance plan.

How to Avoid Baler Downtime

More Tips to Avoid Baler Downtime

  1. Invest in equipment that best fits your needs and has a track record for reliability. The longevity of your equipment depends largely on how you use it. If the equipment is undersized for your recycling commodity and throughput, it will put unnecessary strain on the equipment and cause it to wear more quickly. Our professional sales team is here to help you get the right recycling solution for your business.  Contact us if you need help with product selection.
  2. Ensure that the baler is properly installed by a professional.  Harmony’s technicians will ensure this is done properly, or we can help you locate your own installation specialist in your area.
  3. Understand the baler’s electrical requirements and hire an electrician for proper electrical installation prior to the baler arriving.
  4. Train your staff on safety and proper use of the equipment.  Harmony’s installation technician will help to train your staff, but training guides are included in the Owner’s Manual.  We also provide many educational videos showing proper operation and care for each of our quality balers. Make sure that you do not offload the baler with cardboard or other recyclables!
  5. Thoroughly read the baler’s User’s Manual and keep handy for reference (each User’s Manual can be found on the individual product pages on our website).
  6. Use the specified baler wire that your baler requires and read the User’s Manual for the proper way to make and tie off a bale.
  7. Find a qualified baler technician to help you with maintenance and service before the need is urgent. Ask them how they handle emergencies in case the maintenance call is after-hours, on weekends, or a holiday.
  8. Have a plan in place for if the baler does go down, so that the downtime is minimized.
How to Avoid Baler Downtime

Protect your investment with a baler preventive maintenance plan from Harmony.  And, use these other tips to avoid downtime with your baler.

Harmony Enterprises is known for providing our customers with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership with their recycling balers.  Using preventive maintenance tips like these is just one way to ensure that you will keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently for years to come!

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