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How to Choose a Best Copper Wire Granulator


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In recent years, copper wire granulator has been widely used in the industry. Then what should we pay much attention to when buying copper wire granulator? There are four references for you to consider they are separately quality, production quantity, price and after-sale service.

First of all, we should put the quality into the most important place. Buying copper wire granulator is to put it into production, so the quality of the machine itself is related closely with the quality of the end product-copper granules. You’d better study carefully welding technology, structure, outward appearance and material of the machine when judging the quality. The most reliable way for the customer is to bring the raw material to test the machine on the spot by checking the purity of the separated copper granule and plastic.

Secondly, different models have different production quantity, so the customers can choose different models according to the production quantity you need. The production quantity is mainly calculated by the hour or day, for example, the daily handling capacity of Amisy copper wire granulator AM800 is 5-6 ton, AM 600 is 3-4 ton and AM400 is 1.5-2 ton. Amisy copper wire granulator AM800 should be your first choice if you have a large number of waste copper or cable wires to deal with. Otherwise you can choose AM 600 or AM400.

What’s more, price is the vital factor for you to buy or not. It’s a key for you to choose the best and proper machine in the reasonable price.

The last but not least is that you should not neglect the after-sale service. Any copper wire granulator machine even the best may appear some problems to be fixed because of the improper operation and maintenance under the long time working. The excellent after-sale service can help you solve the problem in time so as to reduce the cost and lost of your manufacturing and business.

By the way, Zhengzhou Amisy products including wire stripping machine are popular and hot selling in the global market because of its superior quality, reasonable price different models according to different production quantity and the professional services.

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