How to Choose Concrete Cleaning Machines?

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You can use two types of machines as concrete cleaning machines, either pressure wash systems or steam cleaners. Each type of machine follows different modes of operation though.

Steam cleaners
Vapor steam technology seems like it may be appropriate for concrete cleaning, but is definitely not the case.

Steam cleaners clean with their high output temperature of vapor containing only about 5% water. The temperature of top machines ranges up to 386°F. Steam cleaning machines eject their output onto the surfaces, dissolving the dirt build-up and other impure substances present on the surface.

The dirt residues have to be removed. Some of the steam cleaners are equipped with vacuums. These steam vacuum cleaners are also capable of extracting the molten dirt. If the vacuum facility is not available with the machine, cleaning workers will have to clean the dirt using a brush or towel.

  • This is a somewhat long and cumbersome task.
  • Pressure wash systems make better concrete cleaning machines.

Pressure washers
Hot water pressure washers are, perhaps, the best concrete cleaning equipment. These machines rely on their output pressure for cleaning hard surfaces. The output pressure level of a pressure wash system ranges up to 6500 psi, which is basically for cold water systems. Any pressure cleaner system with an output pressure of over 2000 psi is suitable for cleaning concrete surfaces. The output temperature of hot water pressure washers ranges up to 210°F.

Here are some tips to buy power washers for cleaning concrete surfaces.

Mobile versus stationary?
Most of the buyers mull over this question before buying a pressure wash system. The case is no different when buying concrete cleaning machines either.

Thankfully, the buyer can choose any machine. If it is a mobile pressure wash machine, then it can be used comfortably anywhere. On the other hand, if it is a stationary commercial pressure washer, you must ensure that the machine is equipped with a long hose.

Ordinary pressure washing machines have hoses of lengths up to 100 feet. The problem with increasing hose lengths is that most of the machines cannot sustain the output pressure level beyond a certain length. This is the reason why ordinary machines have a constraint of hose length of 100 feet.

Some of the modern commercial pressure washer machines are equipped with the long hose technology. This technology ensures that the pressure level does not drop even if the length of the hose is increased. Such pressure washing machines offer hoses of length up to 300 feet.

The absence of mobile power washers can be compensated to extent by the machines equipped with the long hose technology.

Electric pressure washers or gas pressure washer machines?
Commercial electric pressure washers are best suited for cleaning indoor locations. These machines do not produce any exhaust or noise.

On the other hand, gas pressure washer machines are best suited for use as concrete cleaning machines in cleaning outdoor locations. The reason is that these machines can be used anywhere, irrespective of whether the place has an electric supply or not.

Choose a machine, keeping all your requirements in mind. Whether electric or gas, the machine should fulfill your exact cleaning requirements.


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