How to Choose Steamer Machines for Portable Automobile Wash?

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Despite the bleak economic scenario, some business sectors have registered good returns over the last few years. A good example for this is the business of auto detailing in general and the portable car wash in particular. The number of service providers has been increasing at a fast clip, so has been the number of total customers who availed the service.

The main reason for the success of the portable car wash business is the availability of good quality machines for the job. The high quality service offered by the businesses is another reason. Without the help of these machines, the businesses could not have provided the kind of service they offer at present.

The following are some of the basic tips that a buyer must understand when buying steamers for the portable car wash business.

Multiple uses
The main function of an ordinary steam cleaning machine is hard surface cleaning. However, there are certain kinds of machines that can be used for spot cleaning the carpets too. A good portable car wash machine must be able to perform both the tasks.

These machines should be able to clean the hard surfaces of the automobiles and spot clean the mats and carpets of the vehicles.

Dry output
Floor steamers, as a general rule, offer a very high output temperature, but only a few machines provide dry vapor output. Dry vapor refers to a state of highly heated water, in which the liquid water content is less than 5 percent. The water has to be heated up to 386°F to achieve this state.

What are the advantages of portable car wash machines having dry vapor output?

The most obvious advantage is the higher cleaning power. Dry vapor output is sharper than the normal heated output.

The second advantage of using car steam cleaners with dry vapor output is that the vehicle surfaces dry up in a very short time. When using other cleaning machines, the vehicle surfaces take many hours to dry. However, car steam cleaners that provide dry vapor output ensure that the interior vehicle surfaces dry quickly.

Attached vacuum
When using vapor steamers as auto detailing equipment, the best method is to go for machines that have attached vacuum. Otherwise, cleaning workers have to use some other machines or resort to manual cleaning for removing the dirt from the vehicle surfaces.

An ordinary vapor steamer cannot extract the dirt on its own. This is the reason why you have to use machines equipped with attached vacuum as auto detailing equipment.

There are a number of models of portable steam cleaner machines with attached vacuum. These are easy to operate and handle. Furthermore, these portable steam cleaner models improve the efficiency of cleaning and reduce the time taken for the purpose.

Large tanks
It is always better to opt for mobile car wash machines having large tanks, so that the tank once filled works for extended periods of time. Sometimes, mobile car wash business might be in places where water scarcity is high. In such cases, large tanks are a real boon.

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