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How to choose suitable gantry crane


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When users in the selection of lifting machinery, first is to undertake comprehensive consideration of the crane, select the appropriate crane which is capable and meet requirements of the user, not only to avoid the waste of spending, but also to ensure the successful completion of the work. How to choose the right crane for the user?  Weihua crane provide the user with some suggestions.

1. Choice of single girder and double girder gantry crane
Generally, lifting capacity of the 50t or less, span of 35m or less, no special requirements, should select single-girder gantry crane. If require the gantry door legs with wide width, high working speed and work frequent rate, or frequently lifting heavy, big objects, you’d better choose double girder gantry crane.
2. Span and the cantilever length
Gantry crane span is an important factor effect on crane weight. The users should minimize span in selection, while the premise is to meet the use requirements and conform span series of standards.
3. Ensure the size of cargo can pass the crane legs successfully, to meet the stability requirements of the gantry along the track direction.
4. Confirm of Gantry crane space and size
In operation, gantry crane externals should be left a certain space with yard cargos and transportation vehicle passages in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations.
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