How to choose the best Industrial Water Filtration System for mining applications


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Over the course of the past few decades concern for the environment has brought about a large number of new regulations concerning the use of water in mining operations. These include how it is accessed, and how it is treated, using industrial water filtration to ensure all waste water generated meets with acceptable standards of cleanliness.

In the mining industry, things like overburden, waste rock, and tailings are considered by many to be among the largest forms of waste generated. However, another major pollution source is the water directly discharged from the mining process, proving that proper industrial water filters are vital to protecting the environment.

The Need for Industrial Water Filtration by the Numbers

According to the latest statistics, over 70% of all pollutants produced by the mining industry (this includes both open pit and underground mining) are emitted via the water used in the process. This water must be processed through high quality industrial water filters in order to avoid the release of toxic materials into the environment. Heavy fines may be levied against those who fail to meet required standards.

Filtra-Systems offer Superior Industrial Water Filters

There is more to choosing the best industrial water filtration system than cost. The first, and perhaps most important of these is the ability of the industrial water filters you choose to remove the contaminants from the water.

Operating and maintenance costs must also be factored in. Filtra-Systems STiR filter uses a highly efficient mixer and backwash method, while utilizing walnut shells as a filter media to remove contaminants from the water. Walnut shells were chosen for their ability to remove sticky solids and oils from the water, and for their ability to be used for longer periods of time between cleanings. Not only does this increase the effectiveness of our industrial water filters, it also served to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

The STiR system is capable of removing up to 95% of all suspended solids and insoluble hydrocarbons without the addition of chemicals. A single industrial filtration unit can process between 50 and 6500 gpm based on the application, making the STiR filter one of the most effective and efficient industrial water filters on the market today.

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