How to clean your UV lamp

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Cleaning Your UV Lamps and System

It is extremely important to maintain your UV lamps and system to avoid problems which could prevent your UV lamp from curing.

Firstly when handling a UV lamp we strongly recommend that you wear gloves, this will prevent contaminants such as fingerprints from sticking to the surface of the quartz body. To clean the lamp you can use a lint free cloth with either isopropanol alcohol or isopropanol wipes. Run the cloth along the quartz body making sure to remove any dust or dirt.

Reflectors are responsible for around 60% of the UV radiation that hits the substrate, because of this any loss of reflection can cause significant issues with UV curing. Dirty reflectors are one of the most common causes for UV systems failing to cure. To clean your reflector you can use an isopropanol wipe or if you are certain that your UV reflector is not coated or polish-finished, such as dichroic reflectors, then you can use a rubber block to gently remove dirt from the surface.

Make sure you handle the lamp and reflectors with care whilst you clean and change them.

The Importance of UV Lamp Maintenance

Lamp maintenance is imperative for a UV system to work efficiently. Improper lamp maintenance can lead to bad curing results and machine failure.

UV Lamp external contamination

Example of UV lamps with external contamination

Problems, such as external contamination of the lamp happen when foreign contaminants such as dust, fingerprints or spray from powders stick to the outside surface of the lamp body. These contaminants cause devitrification of the quartz body, which means not as much UV radiation can pass through the quartz wall resulting in decreased output of UV light intensity.

Regularly cleaning the system, filters, lamps and reflectors could help you gain an additional 10% – 20% of operating hours from a UV lamp.

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