How to Configure Your Accsense Datalogger System



Accsense Gateways and Network Pods from CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers Accsense gateways (B1-0x) and network pods (A2-0x) are shipped from the factory configured for DHCP. When they are plugged into the network and turned on, they will try to obtain an IP address, DNS, and gateway address from the local DHCP server. If they successfully obtain this information they will then try to contact the Accsense server at This communication will be initiated by the pod (outgoing only) using HTTPS on port 443.

Assuming that the system can successfully contact the server, the initial communication will create a new account that you can then log into. The account will not exist until this communication is received by the server. The default login will use the MAC # (serial number) of the gateway or pod, where the user name is ‘Admin’ and the Password is also ’Admin’. You can log into your account by going to

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