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How to develop a concerted municipal strategy for water and sanitation

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In many developing countries, particularly in Africa, access to water supply and sanitation comes under the remit of local authorities. To assist the local contracting authorities in developing this service, programme Solidarité Eau (pS-Eau) and the Municipal Development Partnership (MDP) have initiated and coordinated the Concerted Municipal Strategies program (CMS – water and sanitation for all).

This program has enabled pilot municipal strategies for water and sanitation to be developed in twelve large towns in West, Central and East Africa and has led to greater consideration being given to the concept of pooling resources on a regional scale so as to improve services in small towns in three countries of West Africa. The six CMS guides are intended for local authorities, local water and sanitation service stakeholders and their development partners (NGOs, consultancy firms, etc.). Methodological tools are provided to assist these local authorities and stakeholders at each stage of the process when developing and implementing a water and sanitation services development strategy.

This guide sets out the methodology that has been implemented in several large towns in Africa. Predominantly intended for elected and municipal officials, as well as for all other stakeholders, particularly water supply and sanitation service managers, this guide provides an intervention methodology to be used for conducting the process: from the diagnostic of existing services and sector stakeholder expectations, through to the development, in a concerted manner with all local stakeholders, of the municipal strategy to improve water and sanitation services for all.

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