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How to Do Effective Tile and Grout Cleaning?

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Perhaps the most important thing in tile and grout cleaning is choosing the right machine. A good-quality steam cleaner is the best machine for the task. For removing dirt and dust from tile and grout, the cleaning machine should provide a high output temperature with a sharp output. No other cleaning equipment provides as high a temperature output as a steam cleaner machine does.

Most steam cleaning machines do an efficient job of tile and grout cleaning. But, the best machines have certain special features that make them more suitable for the job. This article deals with such features of steam cleaning equipment.

High Temperature Output
For tile and grout cleaning, the output temperature of the machine should be as high as possible. The latest models of steam cleaners provide output temperatures of up to 386°F. These machines can melt the dirt and impurities present on tile joints and grout completely.

The high temperature output has another advantage as well. The water is superheated so that the output becomes dry vapor. That means the liquid water content of the output is less than 5%. This helps use less water during the cleaning process and leaves behind less of a mess ideal for indoor cleaning.

Attached Vacuum
Steam cleaners with attached vacuums are good for tile and grout cleaning. Conventional steam cleaning machines do not have vacuums attached. Such machines can only melt or displace the impurities present on the surface. The removal of impurities has to be done through other means. Some cleaning workers employ a separate vacuum for the purpose. Others make use of towels or brushes to wipe off the dirt.

Modern steam cleaners with attached vacuums have changed all this. Now, the melting of the impurities and extraction of dirt are carried out almost simultaneously. The floor cleaning machines with attached vacuums ensure that the cleaning is done more efficiently and quickly.

Automatic Refilling
One problem associated with conventional steam cleaning machines is the refilling of the boiler tank. Once the tank becomes empty, cleaning workers had to stop the cleaning work for refill the boiler tank. Needless to say, this is time-consuming.

Some of the sophisticated floor steam cleaner equipment available today dispense with this requirement. Such hard floor cleaner machines have automatic refilling facilities. These machines have additional water tanks. Water is not directly filled in the boiler tank; instead, water fills the additional tank first.

When the water levels in the boiler of these floor cleaning machines fall below a certain point, water is automatically transferred to the boiler from the additional tank. Cleaning workers can forget about the requirement of refilling the tank if the additional tank is connected to a water source such as a tap.

Antimicrobial Technology
Another advantage of using steam cleaners for tile and grout cleaning is that these machines can sanitize the surface in addition to cleaning it. Modern hard floor cleaner machines are reinforced with specialized antimicrobial technology to remove disease-causing microorganisms.



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