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How to Find a Good Injection Mold Company in China


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In China there are good and bad companies, develop a correct company for your own is important. The factory should have experienced design and staff, good machine and measurement equipment, best quality control, export tooling experiences etc.

It takes times to find good injection mold companies and build the partnership, not only in China, but all over the world. The expectation and understanding would be very important for the success, the clients should try to build partnership with their companies if they got a good one, that would be very helpful for your injection mold company understood your requirements and expectations.

In my opinions, the most important standard for the quality injection mold and supplier is PROBLEM FREE MOLD! Because if there is a problem, even it is very small, it will cost our client lots of time and money! Even the problem is very small.

Something like charge you a lot of modification cost is not acceptable, there are quite many Chinese injection mold makers focus too much on money but not the quality injection mold itself. I know it is difficult to define this. But I believe, if you can do a good job and maintain a good partnership with your clients, you will gain more! Isn’t it?

We are buying all our injection molds from China, earlier we traded but today we have our own factory. The final injection mold construction and also detailed specification is always coming from our own engineers, to secure all details and get a European quality this is needed.
One of the biggest worries is the quality of the steel, we use European qualities in the cavities. It is not a problem for the injection molds built in China and run in local country. To make sure the injection molds are problem-free mold, beside the injection mold specification during the design process, we are also always going over there our self to make the functional testing of the injection molds before shipment to our customers. more...

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