How to find the best safety supervisor


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In the search for temporary staffing or a contract safety supervisor, everyone reviews: years in safety, specific industry experience, credentials, BUT what makes the best safety supervisor for your job, turnaround, or company?

We would argue management and leadership style. If those factors do not fit your company’s safety culture or sit well with the employees they are supervising, the safety supervisor will fail no matter what their resume or experience states. Every contract or temporary safety staffing supervisor has a resume showing their previous experience, practical and classroom training that they have taken and received credit for. But how do you assess their management style? How do you find out how they interact with the employees they are responsible to manage for?

Here are two general ways companies tend to find a suitable Safety Supervisor:

Interviews – Yes, a good interviewer can tease out some of these concerns, but the safety supervisor will be looking to mold their answer to what they think the company that is hiring is looking for and may not be a best fit for the role or position that the company is trying to fill.

Background checks – These are difficult at best. Most companies only verify employment dates due to lawsuits and those that do allow further information, may be limited by how much time they spent with the safety supervisor or by their personal relationship.

Code Red Safety understands the needs and time it takes to make the important decision on which type of successful safety personnel is best suited for your company’s job, no matter which specialization or customization your company is looking for. This is why we find it best to give our applicants a Predictive Index (PI) Test, to get a better scope of how a safety worker would adapt to the best job for them.

What is the Predictive Index (PI) Test?

The Predictive Index Test was developed by the U.S. Navy to determine which candidate would become the best fighter pilot in each flight class, a very difficult achievement. This tool is a survey that measures personal motivations and personality attributes. Within less than 4 minutes, we have a better understanding on how to gauge the best calculated fit safety supervisors or staffing specific to your job and/or turnaround needs. By utilizing this fast and efficient tool, we have found our ability to successfully staff and fulfill our customer’s positions with not only qualified personnel quickly, but also the best fit candidate for that job with an over 95% accuracy rating.

With this tool,  we can determine whether a safety manager or safety supervisor falls into a couple of the following management and leadership styles:• Safety disciplinarian aka “the safety cop”
• Safety consultant
• Safety teacher

Each of these bring their own pluses and minuses, but they are not interchangeable. Having the wrong personality on the job can be a LTI (Lost Time Injury) waiting to happen. Safety supervisors do not leave a job because of what their resume says; they leave because their management and leadership style do not fit the culture or work well with the employees that they are responsible for. When these factors conflict with the personnel, it distracts the tasks at hand and creates others to focus on less important things instead of getting the job done right and safely. In the end, everything Code Red Safety does is important to achieve the goal of finding the best possible person for your company’s job who is going to work well amongst your team and finish the goals you have set forth in a safe and timely manner.

Code Red Safety offers the Predictive Index with all resumes provided for temporary and contract safety supervisors, if you’re looking for the “right” temporary or contract safety supervisor for your team, call Code Red Safety we’ll find you the right management and leadership style.

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