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How to find the good mold maker in China?

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How to find the good mold maker in China? This question has confused so many years for worldwide customers, and it will continue to those who plan to start new factory of plastic parts manufacturing.

In this article, I will share some personal opinions about Chinese mold makers, and how to choose the right one. If I'm lucky enough, this article can be read by your side, highly welcome different opinions and also mould inquiries. 

So let's start the topic. 

Unless you know Chinese plastic injection molding industry very well, otherwise the common and widely used searching way is by Google, typing for example 'china top ten mould manufacturers', 'China xxx mould makers', and then click the first one or two pages companies, check their websites in a first sight. 

Trust me, the more good quality mold manufacturer, the least advertisement they make. Because here in mainland China especially injection molding industry, they already gain their reputation, customers mainly introduced to them from other factories, like plastic machinery manufacturers, even other mold makers. First, they have continusly orders; second, usually they pay attention to high quality mould, win-win long term cooperation with customers. So they get profits and do not care how many sets mould quanities each year they get orders. Also no need to pay extra money to advertise themselves. 

And here is another interesting thing, worldwide customers usually want to see very big company before place new orders, large employees, large workers. it seems only big company can make them feel safe mold making. But do not forget, the larger company, the larger management cost, and this cost usually take from the mould profit. It is common as we know. Also delivery time problem, project procedure problem. 

And for many mold factories in China, they have good knowledge of molding technics, know how to make an excellent performance moulds. But their shoratge is, they don't know how to show themsevles, means they don't know marketing. See, that's the problem. That's why small companies with good quality mold making ability not well known by customers. And sometimes customer choose the big factory to make the mould and cost much higher, but mould quality is not good. 

Next time I will share opinions about why China mould cost differs so much from different mould companies. Or feel free to directly contact me by email. 


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