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How to fit a box-welded pond liner for a perfect water feature


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Box-welded pond liners are also commonly referred to as tailored-to-fit, bespoke, made-to-measure or tailor-made pond liners. All terms are recognised by professional landscapers and by pond liner manufacturers. Suited to formal pond designs, a box-welded pond liner provides the best fit with no unsightly seams or folds.

A box-welded pond liner is prefabricated in a factory to the exact dimensions provided for a perfect fit. These bespoke pond liners require a solid base and sides so they can be dropped in to fit the formal shape of the pond 'like a glove'. Unlike a flat sheet flexible pond liner, box-welded designs can't be stretched to fit the hole so taking very accurate dimensions is critical to the outcome of a perfectly designed water feature.

A question frequently asked about tailored-to fit liners is how long will they last before needing to be replaced. We use the highest quality material namely 1mm EPDM or 0.75mm Butyl pond liner both of which have a recorded use of over forty years without any compromise to its integrity.

How to order a box-welded pond liner?

  • Make drawing of your formal pond with exact dimensions shown on your drawing
  • Contact your preferred supplier and submit your drawing with length, width and depth dimensions included. To the dimensions supplied, a flange or overlay of 15cm will be added to your calculation.
  • Using the dimensions submitted, a quote will be provided including time line for fabrication of liner.

Depending on the size of pond will depend on the number of seams joining sheets of pond liner together. These seams are hot bonded (retaining the water tightness of the liner and structural integrity) and vulcanised to eliminate unsightly folds.

A box-welded pond liner is installed quickly and will fit perfectly to the formal structure of your pond with no unsightly seams. The more challenging work is digging the pond and making sure the sides and bottom are dug to a perfectly regular shape. Once the bespoke liner has been installed, coping stones are place onto the overlay or flange to finish off the formal effect while also keeping the liner securely in place.

Simple to more complex designed are catered for - send a drawing to scale for a quote. Russetts Developments have years of experience supplying and installing box-welded pond liners.

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