How to get the most value from scrap metal recycling from demolition projects

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Courtesy of Universal Wrecking Corporation

Demolition (also known as wrecking or razing) can be a large source of scrap metals depending on the type of item, structure or faciluity being demolished. Metal buildigs or large industrial complexes usually provide the largest sources of metals for recycling. Scrap metals for recycling can be found in the structural members of the buildings, electrical and piping systems, tanks, reactors, heat exchanges, motors and other mechanical items and equipment. In order to make sure you get the best scrap metal pricing, here are some recommendations:

Wires, conduits, and other electrical items. These can be copper or aluminum. Wire should be stripped of any insulation in order to obtain the best scrap metal pricing.

Steel, HMS beams - building trusses and structural members. These items should be processed to 4 ft or even 2 ft sections in order to receive the highest scrap prices.

Exotic metals like stainless and nickel alloys are usually found in the reactors, tanks and heat exchanges found in chemical, pharma and other related industries. Sometimes these are just inner liners which are difficult to separate. These exotic materials should be segregated and separated from all other materials to make sure do not mix into loads of scrap metal that will be paid at a lower price. For example, you do not want your nickel scrap to be mixed in with you steel scrap and be paid as steel scrap which is a lower scrap value then nickel scrap.

During demolition it is important to make sure you separate debris from your scrap metals. If you send debris in with your scrap metals you risk your loads being surcharged for debris or completely rejected.

Please also keep in mind that other non metal items are recycleable and can be profitable to recycle. For example yellow pine beams can be sold per board foot.

Depending on the amount of scrap metals, whether these items are loose or need to be extracted via demolition, some contractors have the resources to perform the demolition and actually pay the client for the work due to the amount of scrap materials salvaged. Universal Wrecking Corp and R. Baker & Son All Industrial are two demolition and wrecking contractors that perform recycling services nationwide.

If you need more information on demolition, I suggest DemolitionForum which is a website that provides demolition news, information, a disussion forum and additional informative resources.

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