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How to Handle the Wire Stripping Machine Properly?


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As we all know, the first thing for us is to study how to operate it after buying a new wire stripping machine. So it’s better to read and study the instruction manual carefully and make sure that you have paid enough attention to the safety. In order to help you avoid accidents and prolong the life of the equipment, it’s necessary for you to operate it in proper way. You should live up to the following rules to make this machine work to its best.

Firstly, please do read the instruction manual carefully and make sure that you have understood it well and then you may carry on operation and maintenance. Given that the instruction manual is extremely useful, you’d better keep the instruction manual well in a place where you can get at any time.

Secondly, apply lubricating maintenance to the mechanical drive parts regularly.

If you purchase our equipments such as copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine, Zhengzhou Amisy has always good performance in this aspect through providing timely service and reliable guarantee. During the guaranty period, if there are any problems caused by the quality, for example, the machine can not work soundly, please contact our Maintenance Department or Sales Department for instant management. However, the followings are beyond maintenance:
1. Damages caused by improper use.
2. Damages caused by tearing down the machine privately.
3. Damages caused by the force majeure.
4.Guaranty period is over.

In addition, after the guaranty, we will charge you proper fee for changing the wearing parts and fittings. Users can contact us through telephone call or E-mail so that we may provide you with satisfactory service.

Hope the above advices can make it easy for you to operate the machine. Amisy, your copper recycling expert is willing to offer service for you every moment. 



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