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How To Make Best Use Of Steam Cleaners For Blinds Cleaning?

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A number of people use steam cleaners for blinds cleaning on a regular basis. Blinds, irrespective of the type of material they are made of, tend to attract dirt. The accumulated dust deposits are mostly invisible and erupt only when the blinds are shaken forcefully.

Need for blinds cleaning
Regular exposure to dust can cause many lung-related problems. Asthma and allergic patients should never be exposed to large quantities of dust. In short, regular cleaning of blinds is the only way to keep the blinds dust free.

The question is how to clean the blinds effectively. Judging by its popularity, using steam cleaners for blinds cleaning is the best method. One problem associated with it is that steamers are basically hard surface cleaners, which are designed to melt the dirt and impurities present on hard surfaces with their high temperature output.

Here are some tips to make the maximum out of employing steam cleaners for blinds cleaning:

Attached vacuum
It is important to use steamers equipped with attached vacuum for cleaning blinds. Conventional vapor steamers do not have attached vacuum facility. When using these machines, the operators have to remove the dirt and impurities by themselves. These machines would just displace the dirt. Operators use brush, towel, or a separate vacuum for removing the dirt.

The best steam cleaners for blinds cleaning have attached vacuum. These machines can extract the dirt immediately after cleaning it. Needless to say, it improves the speed and efficiency of cleaning.

Some of the modern floor steamers have air and water filters. Machines equipped with filters come handy when cleaning blinds and curtains. When buying blinds cleaning machines, it is better to opt for machines having HEPA filters.

The blinds cleaning machines equipped with HEPA filters give the best results. These steam cleaning machines can extract even tiny particles of size as small as 3 microns.

Steam cleaning machines having HEPA filters are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes for asthma and allergy patients. These machines are best suited for blinds cleaning too.

Use a squeegee tool
Various types of commercial steam cleaner machines are available on the market. Different machines have different features and contain different types of accessories. Some of the commercial steam cleaner models offer squeegee tools and small detail brushes. These machines are ideal for curtain cleaning as well as for cleaning blinds.

Use carefully
When using industrial vapor steam cleaners for cleaning blinds, extreme care needs to be taken. The top models offer a high temperature output, with temperatures ranging up to 386ºF. You have to limit the exposure of blinds to these industrial vapor steam cleaners based on the material used to make the blinds. Steam cleaning is not recommended for fabric blinds due to potential damage from heat and moisture.

Over exposure to a vacuum steam cleaner can result in the damage of the blinds. You must also take care to ensure that other soft surfaces near the blinds should not be exposed to the output of the steam vacuum cleaner machines.



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