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How to measure and build intra– and inter–organisational trust

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If intra– and inter– organisational trust is truly important then it must be measured and managed to build sustainable competitive advantage. The framework for trust management (FTM) integrates the theory of planned behaviour as a model for organisational change with the integrative model of organisational trust and the interdisciplinary model of trust constructs. Following an action research agenda, the framework is designed as a practical tool and addresses several known limitations of prior research: it addresses multi–level analysis issues, resolves the unidirectional limitations of prior models, recognises that trust building is a dynamic process, and provides a guide to action so that management may intervene when trust violations occur. A trust management inventory scale is developed and practical application of the framework is discussed.

Keywords: trust measures, trust inventory scale, survey, theory of planned behaviour, TPB, trustworthiness, institutional trust, intention, reciprocity, entrepreneurship, intra–organisational trust, inter–organisational trust, action research, trust management, organisational change, trust building

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