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how to open and clear the resilient seated gate valve


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( 1 ) , ready to work

Selected according to the required specifications valve wrench, a screwdriver , crowbar , processed bars, the top wire and other tools.

prepare appropriate yarn , detergents, according to the valve specifications ready valve seal pads , fillers, lubricants.

( 2 ) Procedure

operate theResilient Seated Gate Valve to the fully open position

truncated after split gate control valves, vent pipe remaining media.

with the wrench to remove the resilient gate valve  and the pipe connection flange bolts with the appropriate parts of the sling hitch valve with a suitable lifting device which gate .

disassemble the flange , inspection, cleaning valve chamber , gate, stem head , the flange gasket .

have broken the need to replace the flange gasket , the gasket before installing spread a layer of butter on both sides .

After cleaning , the stem set into the gate, the gate to the guide groove and valve guide ribs aligned , into the body , turn the handwheel to move closer to the flange so that the two symptomatic , mount bolts, tighten the diagonal solid nuts.

commissioning is completed, press the corresponding test procedures valve pressure test .

pick up tools , cleaning on-site .

( 3 ) Technical requirements

disassembly , non-collision gate and seat sealing surface, and note the direction of the mounting surface of the gate , you can split out well before the tag.

All parts should be thoroughly cleaned .

should be ensured that the various parts loaded by the status quo , and adjust to a reasonable position .

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